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Never again having to

  • Respond to quote requests or availability checks
  • Follow up with people who asked for a quote but never booked
  • Track invoices and deposits to calculate what your client's remaining balance is
  • Send your contract to every single customer (and make sure they sign it)
  • Send the same repetitive emails over and over again

See why boothers are excited about Photo Booth CRM!


View the most important metrics of your business at one glance! Displays the data that is most important to you.

Electronic Contracts

Are you still manually creating contracts for each customer so that they can print it out, sign it, scan it and email it back to you? PBCRM easily manages all of that for you.

Auto Responders

Don’t you hate it when people ask for a quote and then don’t reply?! PBCRM can automatically follow up with them! If you’re paying for an email service (like Mailchimp or Aweber), you’ll no longer be needing it. You’re welcome =)

Instant Quotes

Do you feel like you have to be available 24/7 to instantly reply to quote requests? PBCRM checks your availability and automatically sends out an instant quote, just like magic!


Are you constantly paranoid that you might be forgetting something important? Your Calendar displays all of the important information related to each event!


How stressful is it keeping track of all the payments that are coming in, who still owes what, who is past due, etc? PB CRM automatically takes care of all that for you.


Ever had a specific empty date that you wanted to book? Easily send an email blast to everyone who has inquired about that date! Maybe offer a promotion and watch how quickly you get a booking :P


Tired of manually creating invoices for each booking? PBCRM automatically & instantly generates a professional invoice for each booking!


Are you talking to so many leads that you sometimes forget who you're talking to? All data related to a Lead is at your fingertips so you know everything you need to know in order to close the sale!

Photo Booth CRM

It's time to work smarter.
Not harder.

Customers reviews

‘As a 1 man operation, I needed something to ease my workload as I juggled a full time job, family and working events on the weekends. PB CRM not only eases my workload but it makes my company look more professional with the form, contracts, and payments added directly into my website. The support provided has been outstanding. I will continue to use PB CRM as long as I own and grow my business. 5 out of 5 stars!”

Kacper N. - Foto Booth Expressions

"Implementing Photo Booth CRM into my business has been an absolute relief. It has made my life so much easier. It actually felt a little weird when we got our first booking through the system because we literally didn't have to do anything! The quote was auto-sent, the client signed the contract and made their payment all without our involvement. Worth every penny."

Metin H. - Epic Events

"I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I love Photo Booth CRM!  I just got back from a bridal show where I was able to successfully book 9 weddings. Coming back from the show I was tired and not really looking forward to creating all these contracts. I signed onto Photo Booth CRM and was able to create the contract, process the deposits and get them into my calendar at no time at all! Photo Booth CRM certainly saved me time, it was simple to navigate and eliminated the stress I normally have after coming home from a show! I have another big bridal show this Saturday and I am excited knowing how easy it is to get the customers into the system and contracts out!

 Thanks for everything you have done to make this system run seamlessly!"

Tammy Johnson - Pic A Pose Photo Booths

Why Are Other Photo Boothers Switching to PBCRM?

Belle, Virginia
Tave intimidates me because it feels extremely complicated.
Mike, Florida
I've looked at 17hats and Tave, but I'm not sure if their solutions are right for me. When I found your software, made for boothers by a boother. I knew my search was over!
Margaret, NY
I am trial right now with Tave and it's so confusing.
Sam, California
I tried Tave twice and was overwhelmed by the sheer number of options, almost too much stuff, and I didn't like that terminology wasn't specific to the photo booth industry but was far more generic.
LJ, Delaware
I signed up after searching and searching for a CRM that would mesh well with a photo booth company. It seems yours is the only one. I feel a business is almost impossible to run without a good CRM.
What is an extra booking worth to you?
Our Lead Follow Up system turns lost and forgotten leads into customers! If your average rental brings in $600, then just 1 extra booking a quarter would make you an additional $2,400 a year!
What is your time worth to you?
$100 per hour? … $50/hr?
Even if you only valued your time at $15/hr (minimum wage!) and this tool saves you just 1 hour per day, you’d save $450 a month!
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